About Ms Spiteri


Ms Spiteri is a consultant ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) with a special interest in cornea, the anterior segment of the eye, and cataract and refractive surgery.

Ms Spiteri is lead cornea specialist at the Countess of Chester Hospital, and holds a private practice at Nuffield Health Chester Hospital, The Grosvenor.  



My primary aim when it comes to Eye Care is to provide

high quality, tailored treatment to each one of my patients.


Many conditions I deal with, such as blepharitis and dry eye disease, are very common, but also chronic.  They are also multifactorial and far more complex than we once understood.  Many patients referred for my specialist opinion

have battled with their symptoms for months or even years,

as the true underlying cause has never been discovered.


Fully assessing a patient for what may seem a trivial issue takes time, and an in depth understanding of the disease. 

My approach is to take the extra time to get things right from the start, as patients with such eye conditions are often really suffering, day in day out.


One of my great passions is teaching and education,

and this has a substantial influence on my ophthalmic practice. 

Gone are the days when the doctor dictated a course of action and the patient accepted this without question.  And rightly so! 

There is a wealth of information out there, but this can be difficult to interpret without the right guidance. 

In my consultations, I focus on explaining things in terms that patients can understand, which allows us to come to an informed, and patient-led decision. 


Helping a patient to understand and take ownership over their eye health increases the likelihood of long-term adherence with treatment for chronic conditions, such as glaucoma and blepharitis, and better results.


Lastly, I am a perfectionist by nature, and this carries through to my ophthalmic practice, including my surgery. 

I believe in careful and meticulous surgery, and I regularly audit my surgical practice to ensure that my results compare well with national standards. 

Ophthalmic Surgeon

Chester, UK

Consultant Ophthalmologist & Corneal Lead

The Countess of Chester Hospital

COVID-19 update: Ms Spiteri is running regular services at Nuffield Health Chester, The Grosvenor Hopsital. 

To initiate an appointment, please call on 07307871303 and request an initial telephone consultation with Ms Spiteri.

Areas of Interest

Cataract surgery, including complex cases

Corneal disease

Dry eye disease