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New dry eye and blepharitis clinic...opening soon!

I'm very excited to announce the upcoming opening of a new Dry Eye and Blepharitis service offering a wide range of dry eye and blepharitis treatments. Initial consultation and follow-up treatments will be available at The Nuffield Hospital, Chester and Newmedica Shrewsbury, with additional office-based treatments available at the Shrewsbury location.

Dry eye disease and blepharitis are extremely common eye problems, with symptoms which can be very problematic, impacting on day-to-day life in a big way. Unfortunately, the conditions are often somewhat overlooked, or poorly treated by individuals with little understanding of the conditions. The result is a limited or indeed no improvement in symptoms. These conditions are often complex and multi-factorial, and required a tailored approach depending on the underlying cause/s, delivered by a specialist with experience and knowledge in this area.

This new service will offer a fully consultant-led appraoch with access to a range of diagnostic and treatment options. If you think you may be suitable, try taking this quiz to see whether you may benefit and if so, register your interest here.

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