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Another successful cataract surgery training course...

Yet another thoroughly enjoyable cataract training course for junior ophthalmologists completed. This is now the sixth course that I have attended as a trainer for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. It is a true privilege to return each year, and be involved in the surgical training of our future generation of ophthalmologists.

Not only am I able to pass on a few tips and techniques to these young doctors, but I am always able to gain a few pearls from my fellow trainers, which is hugely beneficial in order to continually adapt my own surgical practice. Hats off to all other members of the training faculty, who take time out of their busy working lives on a voluntary basis, to provide this quality surgical training for junior ophthalmologists.

It has been a tiring, but extremely fulfilling couple of days, and I hope to continue to return for many more years to come!!

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